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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my order to be dispatched?
As soon as we receive your order we will start making it to your specifications (fabric & colours).
This is why we can offer such a wide range of fabrics and colours.
Depending on what you have ordered it will take from a day up to two and a half weeks to make and we will post it as soon as it is finished and will notify you by email when it's on it's way.

Do you sell any plus size clothing / clothing for men?
Apart from t-shirts, some tops, caps & beanies we mostly sell unique clothing.
We mainly make custom made clothing.
If you would be interested in having a garment made for you just contact us directly via email.
But please note that we need you to be available in the Stockholm, Sweden area and be available for fittings during the making of your garment.

How do I order?
1. Browse our shop for item(s).
2. If offered, choose your desired material and colour(s), and then click on 'Add To Cart'.
3. Repeat for all items.
4. You can check your added item(s) at any time by clicking 'Cart' to the right of the page. This will take you to your shopping cart.
5. When you are finished click on 'Cart' and then 'Checkout'.
6. Choose country for buyer and destination (this is for calculating P&P and tax).
7. Payment:
 To pay by bank transfer, press 'Send Us The Info'. We will then contact you for payment.
 To pay by PayPal press the PayPal button on the bottom of the page and pay accordingly.
When we have received payment we will make and send your order asap.

How can I use the Search bar?
You can use the Search Bar to search for name and item number of the item, or any search words like style for example.

Can I get a design in other colours/material than what's listed?
YES! We have listed the most requested colours/materials, but we're happy to do them in other colours/materials.
Tip: If you have/have had a clothing made and have more of the same material, We're happy to make you a hat/choker/gloves/hairclips/etc to match your outfit! Just email us your request! Find our emails below.
(Please note that not all materials are suitable for all designs).

Can I get a design but with/without netting/lace/veil/etc??
If you have any special requests we're happy to custom made the order for you!
Just contact us with your queries and we'll will be happy to help! Find our contact details here.

How do I pay?
We accept PayPal and direct bank transfer. For non-GBP currencies PayPal have their own conversion rate, but should be close to the normal exchange rates listed here


"Veil of Visions was the only one who accepted the challenge of working on my Chinese-style blouse. She was committed to get life out of the beautiful material. I definitely recommend her."